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I warmly welcome you visitors to my homepage on behalf of the Korea Education Fund (KEF).

KEF has sincerely implemented helpful projects for the educational development of the country in a diversified way in cooperation with non-governmental organizations from different countries and overseas Koreans.

With the DPRK law on supporting education coming into force in 2024, a legal system has been established to provide assistance from donor organizations of different countries and overseas Koreans and implement public contribution to education in the country.

KEF pursues a greater objective of making a genuine contribution to qualitative development of education, implementing many worthwhile projects successfully and strengthening independent cooperation.

It will continue to conceive and implement different projects as required by the beneficiaries, and lead educational cooperation on the principle of ensuring sufficient validity and high economic efficiency as well as utmost transparency, while developing cooperation with various organizations from different countries expansively.

Pleased to have opportunities to cooperate with you, I hope we will have friendly and closer cooperation with you.

Ko Song Ryol, President of KEF