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Support for Solar Heating System to Orphans’ Schools in North Phyongan Province


(Prepared Plans)

Project Title: Supply of hot water heated with solar heating system

Period of Implementation: Within 3 months after agreement

Objective: To use natural energy to provide hot water for sanitary and laundry jobs to orphans’ primary and middle schools in North Phyongan Province by introducing solar heating systems.

Number of Beneficiaries: Around 1 200 students and teachers of orphans’ schools

Content: To install a solar heating system with the capacities of 6㎥ and 10㎥ respectively at Sinuiju Primary School for Orphans and Sinuiju Middle School for Orphans, as well as a control system for normal operation and a double power supply system based on solar panels, to carry out renovation of the pipeline system in bathrooms and laundries and to provide a technical course.

KEF has got rich experience in installing a solar heating system while introducing a similar system at Wonsan Middle School for Orphans, Wonsan Primary School for Orphans, Wonsan, Sinuiju and Chongjin orphanages, the then Tongnim Middle School for Orphans and Sinuiju Honored Disabled Soldiers’ College of Economics, thus contributing greatly to sustained supply of energy and environmental protection.


For more information, please use the following e-mail address: hanshuosy@126.com