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Construction of Building and Setup of Network Infrastructure for Kuryong Senior Middle School in Sariwon


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Project Title: Construction of building and setup of network infrastructure for Kuryong Senior Middle School in Sariwon

Foreign Supporter: International Bethel Vision Center(IBVC)

Objective: To erect a new building of Kuryong Senior Middle School damaged in a flood and set up a connection of the school with the national network so as to provide the students and teachers with a better condition and environment.

Beneficiaries: More than 900 students and 45 teachers of Kuryong Senior Middle School

Period of Implementation: April 2017-September 2018 (construction of the school building)
                                                March-May 2019 (laying of the network infrastructure)

Activities: KEF made a proposal to IBVC in April 2017 for a project of construction of Kuryong Senior Middle School, which had already been under construction, and reached an agreement on cooperation for the project.

In accordance with the agreement, IBVC contributed steel materials while the local authorities provided building materials including cement, steel materials and aggregates, as well as labor force.

In the first-stage construction the framework of the three-storied school building was completed in November 2017, and in the second stage, the roofing, inner and outer plastering and the arrangement of the surroundings were carried out by September 2018.

The three-storied school building with a total floor space of 4 000㎡ was opened in October 2018.

KEF understood the progress of the construction on nine occasions and inspected the spot together with IBVC in August 2017 to get further understanding of the progress. IBVC visited the school on its completion in November 2018 to review the implementation of the project and reached an agreement to donate educational IT equipment to the school for the next-stage cooperation project.

KEF in cooperation with IBVC supported educational and IT equipment including computers, LCD TVs and network supplies in May 2019.

Outcome: More than 900 students could study without any difficulty in all seasons and the teachers could get a regular access to the national computer network to learn advanced methods of instruction.


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