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Biomass-based Power Supply to Schools in Rural Areas


(Prepared Plans)

Project Title: Biomass-based power supply to the schools in rural areas

Period of Implementation: Within 1 year after agreement

Objective: To provide schools with sufficient supply of energy by operating 50kw-capacity generators using biogas from agricultural by-products like rice husks, maize leaves and shrubs so that the power supply may help the students learn the knowledge of environment-friendly use of energy.

Content: The project was designed to reduce the disparity in the educational conditions between urban and rural areas and the emission of harmful gas as much as possible. Once electricity is produced with gas from agricultural by-products richly available in the countryside, it will cut down the emission of CO2 and contribute greatly to the environmental protection through environment-friendly treatment of waste products.

It is planned to establish a biogas-based generating system with the assistance of experienced experts, construct a building for its housing free from weather changes and prepare a power supply system in a school. Necessary training is to be given to the teachers in charge of the physics club, power management workers and students in the club so that they have full knowledge about the equipment and their operation.

Within 3 months after the beginning of the operation of the new power supply system, a visit to the school and a technical course for officials of local government institutions and other schools in the region will be arranged.

Also, possible opinions will be submitted for improvement of the plan.


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