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Improvement of conditions for practicing basic handcraft techniques


(Prepared Plans)

Project Title: Improvement of conditions for practicing basic handcraft techniques

Period of Implementation: Within 4 months after agreement

Objective: To furnish sewing, carpentry and cooking practice rooms of orphanages and rural schools so that the students can acquire basic handcraft techniques during their middle school days, consolidate what they learn at lessons through practice and contribute to the operation of schools, too.

Beneficiaries: Students at orphans’ secondary schools and rural schools

Number of beneficiaries: 200-500 students at each orphanage or school

Content: KEF will furnish sewing, carpentry and cook practice rooms by providing facilities and equipment needed for practical training of basic handcraft techniques, and arrange training courses for practice teachers, thus helping the students of orphanages and schools have enough practical training and extra-curricular activities. KEF prefers the support for 2~3 schools at a time in order to improve the effectiveness of a given investment scale and implementation management.


For more information, please use the following e-mail address: hanshuosy@126.com