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Supply of Sports Equipment to Children


(Implemented Samples)

Project Title: Supply of Amusement and Sports Equipment to Hwangju Middle School for Orphans, North Hwanghae Province

Foreign Donator: Kids Around the World

Objective: To provide Hwangju Orphans’ Middle School with amusement and sports equipment so as to contribute to the children’s physical training and improvement of their health.

Beneficiaries: More than 900 children

Period of Implementation: March-April 2014

Activities: In accordance with the agreement concluded between KEF and Kids Around the World in February 2014, the latter donated complete sets of amusement and sports equipment in late March 2014 and a group of its members saw the installation of the equipment on the spot in late April that year.

Outcome: The condition improved for the orphans of the school to have a more cheerful and enjoyable life doing different kinds of exercise for bigger stature.


For more information, please use the following e-mail address: hanshuosy@126.com