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On-going Projects

Suan County Soya Milk Factory under Construction

The Korea Education Fund, in cooperation with the Suan County People's Committee and the Heart for Korea, Sweden, is building a new soya milk factory in order to supply fresh soya milk to the local kindergarteners and students.

As agreed in March 2020, the People's Committee began the construction of a soya milk factory with a floor space of 400m2 in April this year, finished the framework and the exterior and interior plastering by August and is now undertaking the final jobs. The factory is designed to have a soya milk workshop and a soybean products supplier, and the jobs of installing plastic windows, painting epoxy resin and fitting tiles are expected to be finished by the end of this year.

As the construction is coming to an end, the Korea Education Fund is pushing the effort to provide the factory with the facilities required for its operation including soya milk machines.