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On-going Projects

Reconstruction of Chonam Senior Middle School, Suan County

KEF, in cooperation with HfK, Sweden, has been supporting the construction project of Chonam Senior Middle School, Suan County since May 2019.

HfK and local supporters have provided 65 tons of steel materials, over 700 tons of cement, 159 sets of plastic windows, 10 sets of duralumin entrance doors, 2 000㎥of aggregates, and other kinds of building materials in five instalments.

The laying of the 3rd floor was finished by the end of September 2019 and the outer wall plastering by the end of November, and thus the first-stage construction was successfully completed.

The interior plastering work started in mid-March 2020 and was completed by the end of June, and the outer wall painting was completed by early July.

Equipping the school with necessary facilities and other kinds of final jobs are underway at the moment.