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Setup of Soya Milk Factory for Children in Sinphyong County


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Project Title: Supply of soya milk to children in Sinphyong County, North Hwanghae Province

Foreign Supporter: Heart for Korea, Sweden (HfK)

Objective: To build a new soya milk production base in the county and supply soya milk to children in the county on a regular basis.

Beneficiaries: More than 5 000 children in Sinphyong County

Budget: About US$ 35 000 (foreign donation of US$ 24 000 included)

Period of Implementation: September – November 2016

Activities: In accordance with an agreement made with KEF in August 2016, HfK, Sweden donated to a soya milk factory a truck with the capacity of three tons, three sets of soya milk machines, 100 containers, other equipment and building materials in early October 2016. The factory construction was completed in late October and went into operation in November. It has been supplying soya milk to the children in the county.

Outcome: A ton of soya milk is produced every day and supplied to all children of school age in the county.


For more information, please use the following e-mail address: hanshuosy@126.com