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Educational System of the Korean Style


At the outset of a new century of the Juche era, the Korean style education made a radical turn in its development by extending the period of universal compulsory education one year longer and adjusting categories of schools.

With the enforcement of universal 12-year compulsory education, dozens of senior middle technical schools were newly established across the country as a result of the effort to readjust and improve categories of schools and courses of general secondary education rationally.

In addition to general subjects, senior middle technical schools teach technical subjects relating to metallurgy, coal mining, power industry, fishery, crop farming, stockbreeding, fruit culture and chemistry in accordance with relevant regional economic and geographical characteristics.

The work of readjusting the system of higher education has also accelerated in order to train a greater number of finer personnel competent enough to shoulder the building of a socialist power.

All universities have pushed ahead with the effort to readjust their system of instruction, faculties, courses and departments according to the kinds of personnel they have to train and the targets they have to attain. They have also worked hard to further develop the continuous higher education system.

Along with this, dozens of universities have set up the distance education system to help the working people attend courses of higher education in different parts of the country. This is adding a great energy to the campaign of making all people well versed in science and technology.