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Construction of Taeryong Senior Middle School in Pongchon County and Supply for a Tiny Hydroelectric Power Plant


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Project Title: Construction of Taeryong Senior Middle School in Pongchon County and Supply of Hydroelectric Power

Foreign Supporter: New Keystone Friends Humanitarian International

Objective: To build a new building for a senior middle school in Taeryong-ri, Pongchon County, South Hwanghae Province, and introduce a small hydroelectric power system into the school so that all schoolchildren in the locality could learn in a more favorable environment.

Beneficiaries: Over 400 students and 25 teachers in Taeryong-ri, Pongchon County

Period of Implementation: April-November 2019

Activities: In July 2019 KEF made a proposal to NKFHI for the project and presented the relevant budget and construction plan. In accordance with the July 2019 agreement with KEF, NKFHI contributed building materials including cement and steel materials and a small hydroelectric generating facility from July to October.

The construction started in April, the framework of the school building finished by August, the final touches for inner and outer jobs came to the finish in November.

The two-storied building with a total floor space of 2 330㎡ was completed and followed by an opening ceremony in December 2019.

KEF got an understanding of the project on a regular basis through five visits to the construction site and other occasions, and NKFHI participated in understanding of the progress of the project and looked around the laboratories where the students were conducting experiments and practices using the power produced by the school itself.

Outcome: Construction of a new building of Taeryong Senior Middle School in Pongchon County, South Hwanghae Province, was completed so that 450 primary and secondary school students can attend all lessons as they want without any difficulties at any time.


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