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Reconstruction of Sonam Senior Middle School, Sinphyong County


(Prepared Plans)

Project Title: Support to the school construction for the children in Sonam-ri

Objective: To pull down three old single-storied school buildings built in the 1960s-1970s and construct a new school building large enough to accommodate 712 students and good enough to serve as a standard in the rural areas.

Number of Beneficiaries: 712 students and 49 teachers of Sonam Senior Middle School

Period of Implementation: April 2022-August 2023

Content: KEF, in cooperation with special construction companies, shall confirm necessary technical matters including the blueprint, schedule of construction and supply of building materials by special items and arrange the provision of labour force while giving precedence to the supply of building materials.

The total floor space of a 3-storied building will be 3 960 ㎡ and it is planned to make an elevated foundation and carry out heat insulation jobs for inner and outer walls and roof to prevent damage from heavy rain and snow and cold weather.

To keep the rooms warm and well ventilated (especially in winter) double-glazed and plastic-framed windows and durable air-tight and damp-proof entrance doors are to be installed.

New school fixtures including desks and chairs are to be provided.

Additionally, a new water supply and sewage system will be constructed, and indoor and outdoor washrooms will be built so that the students and teachers will not have any inconvenience.

KEF supports the construction of 5-6 schools on a yearly basis in cooperation with several entities. It has good experience in coordinating such projects.


For more information, please use the following e-mail address: hanshuosy@126.com